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Fishing & Forestry Social Care & Personal Services (1)
Health and Social Work (4) Tourism (including hotels) (3)
IT & Computing (7) Transport & Storage
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Enterprise Database Code Request/Offer Country of Origin Sector Country Preference
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AAHMALT001-July14 Request & Offer Malta Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Caribbean wide
An international aquaculture consultancy, R&D entity and technology provider company that undertakes various marine, aquatic and environmental projects and is located in Mediterranean is looking for Japanese partners to cooperate in research projects related to marine and aquatic environment within the framework of EU – Caribbean research funding schemes, We are interested to perform further research.
Partnership Requirements:
Research & commercial collaboration.
Education                                                                                                          Move to top of page
EDUROM001-Aug14 Request & Offer Romania Education Caribbean wide
The main goal of the NGO is to stimulate youth and citizen integration within society through implementing and managing Citizenship raising awareness activities as: education concerning citizenship rights and duties, social, professional orientation of the younger generation or people with social inclusion needs. We can also contribute to the development of local strategies in connection with public policies regarding youth problems, migration of the labour force, transfer of the abilities within the social partners, social inclusion of disadvantaged people and volunteering.
Partnership Requirements: We are looking for networking, partnership in cultural & educational projects, citizenship & internship, youth cooperation and exchanges etc.
EDUIT002-June14 Offer Italy Education None
A not-for-profit private association whose objectives and activities are: to promote dialogue and understanding, in order to enhance cooperation and cultural cohesion between the diverse communities of the region; to promote the universal principle of international solidarity among the people of the Mediterranean region and those within the wider international community; to promote the principle of non-discrimination among peoples; to promote the respect of UN and Council of Europe international agreement on Human Rights and Respect of Minorities. Its purpose is to promote international policies and cooperation to involve public administration, research centres, companies and associations in the process of creating development opportunities all over the world. Among the services we can offer: (a) ICT tool for learning (b) Webinar systems (c) videoconferencing systems for real-time online presentation (d) E-Learning platform and contents (e) Development of social networking platforms (f) Development of project website(s) + newsletters (f) Corporate identity (design of logos, graphical design, brochures, t-shirts, banners, leaflets (g) Press office and Social Media Communication
Partnership Requirements: Companies, associations, NGOs and other entities to build together educational and training projects and promote cross-cultural cooperation, solidarity and cultural cohesion. Open to discuss different opportunities for collaboration.
EDUUK003-Feb14 Request UK Education Caribbean-wide
A not-for-profit NGO is looking to work with a private, or public, organisation to develop and undertake joint market research throughout the Caribbean on the need for, and use of, Internet based courses for people with a learning disability with a view to publication of results which can then be used to seek finance to develop and market required courses to schools and colleges throughout the Caribbean.
Partnership Requirements:
We are looking for suitable Partners throughout the Caribbean to assist us in undertaking market research.
EDUUK004-Feb14 Request UK Education Barbados
A private training organisation is looking to work with a Barbados based training organisation (private or public) to jointly develop a series of 10-15 short “just in time” Internet based training courses for SMEs.
Partnership Requirements:
We are looking for suitable Partners throughout the Caribbean to jointly develop and deliver SMEs programmes.
EDUGERM005-Aug14 Request Germany Education Caribbean-wide
Youth Exchange Organisation; facilitator of inter-cultural encounters; social enterprise.
Partnership Requirements:
Hosting organisations like secondary schools, NGOs in need of volunteers, providers of host families.
EDUUK006-Aug14 Request & Offer UK Education Caribbean-wide
Our focus is business improvement through people development. We develop Mind Fit people, leaders and businesses. “Mind Fitness is choosing to use our natural abilities to perform to our optimum in different situations, through 'can do' attitudes and behaviours, and a winning mind.” We work with any organisation or business in any sector.
Partnership Requirements:
Looking for trainers, coaches or organisations where we can train the independent coach/trainer or in-house team to take on board our development programmes. Open to any form of partnership and any industry - education, business, sport.
EDUUK007-Aug14 Request & Offer UK Education Caribbean-wide
We are a not-for-profit Charity Group Training Association serving the engineering, manufacturing and process industries. In addition to these more traditional industries, we also have developed an ongoing expertise to be able to deliver training programmes for the energy and power industries including renewables.
Partnership Requirements:
Work with other training partners in selected overseas territories to design and deliver vocational training programmes that will up-skill local people to work in the engineering, manufacturing and process industries. We would also be interested in working directly with governmental bodies/departments/ministries to provide capacity building projects.
EDUCRO008-Sept14 Offer Croatia Education Caribbean-wide
The company's purpose is encouraging entrepreneurship and better cooperation between the economy and higher education. We have participated in various projects in the field of high education. The field in which we have specialized is digitalization of education programs and distribution through Internet.
Partnership Requirements:
We are looking for general partners in the Caribbean.
EDUBUL009-Sept14 Request & Offer Bulgaria Education Caribbean-wide
We are an international non-governmental organization working actively to foster human rights and local democracy. Founded in 2002 we are an important platform connecting local authorities and civil society. We have 54 members from more than 20 countries that share interests in theory, methods and practice of active citizenship.
Partnership Requirements:
We are looking for networking, partnership in cultural & educational projects, citizenship & internship, youth cooperation and exchanges etc.
EDUCZECH010-Sept14 Request & Offer Czech Republic Education Caribbean-wide
We offer, and provide, opportunities to improve peoples lives through training, transfer of innovation and lifelong learning education. We are committed to quality, innovation and cooperation. We cooperate with colleagues to develop training courses and materials and organize transnational training courses and we love to cooperate with real professionals.
Partnership Requirements:
Citizenship & internship, Erasmus +, networking, partnership in cultural & educational projects, youth cooperation and exchanges etc.
EDUUK011-Sept14 Request & Offer UK Education None
We are a female-owned SME which specializes in providing consultancy services and project work in the field of gender and non-traditional fields and entrepreneurship. We have specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at people starting up or developing their business. Our main expertise is to help under-represented groups such as women, migrants, workers and youth amongst others.
Partnership Requirements:
We are looking for partners who could help us deliver mentoring and coaching services in the Caribbean via e-learning programmes. We are part of many EU-funded projects and would like to share our free courses with partners working in NGOs, social care or charity organisations, etc. not only in the UK but as well in Europe and in the Caribbean.
EDUUK012-Sept14 Request & Offer UK Education None
We are committed to exploring cross cultural and creative opportunities. Devoted to making the arts accessible to all through multi-sensory enterprises. We are a co-operative that aims to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the potential for the arts to change the ways we view the world. Looking to build on numerous projects and initiatives successfully completed throughout Europe and beyond, we are currently focusing on using colour, sound, abstract animation, textiles and ceramics for the exchange of creative ideas. Committed to designing and promoting ethical and fair trade products we try to ensure that accessibility to affordable and ethical arts is not at the expense of the environment.
Partnership Requirements:
Exchange of Ideas: we are currently focusing on using colour, sound, abstract animation, textiles and ceramics for the exchange of creative ideas.
EDUSPAIN013-Sept14 Request & Offer Spain Education None
We are a young company with outlets European-wide. Our main activity is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and entrepreneurs (e-learning on e-business). We can offer a Master's Degree in E-Business and Web Entrepreneurship and have jointly created the first Youth Web Entrepreneurs School. We also offer courses to start and strengthen web entrepreneurship projects and develop specific courses on Web entrepreneurship Development for different levels of education: schools, vocational training, college, etc. We have expertise in new business models, design and development of business plans and online marketing for new products and services.
Partnership Requirements:
Companies interested in marketing our courses.
EDUUK014-Nov14 Request & Offer UK Education Caribbean-wide
We are a business consulting and training company, specialising in customised change management, leadership development, high level corporate and executive coaching. We have operated in the UK for 10 years, working with private, public and not-for-profit organisations. We welcome opportunities to work in partnership in order to secure larger contracts.
Partnership Requirements:
We are seeking to develop links and pursue partnership opportunities with Caribbean based organisations with a particular focus on change management and leadership development. We are happy to collaborate on tenders, project or programme development and on delivery of programmes or projects.
EDUTK015-Jan15 Request & Offer Turkey Education None
Our target is to identify the education needs of the population under lifelong learning, support disadvantaged young people and adults - especially women - to complete their compulsory education, develop their social and cultural skills, develop and implement education programs and projects to gain economical skills related with occupation, providing individuals with the knowledge and qualifications, social, financial and cultural development in accordance with the needs of century. We deal with employment, vocational-social-cultural education, culture, tourism, health, development, youth, sport, technology, IT, volunteering, awareness, strategic partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurship and also non-formal education, informal education, continuing education, recognition of prior learning, distance learning are one of the main areas of us. International partnerships on tourism, ecology, cultural heritage, valorization, social inclusion, literacy, individual’s rights, and democratic citizenship are our working areas.
Partnership Requirements:
We want to make collaboration with organizations with similar aims and working round the World.
EDUBUL016-July15 Request & Offer Bulgaria Education None
We are working experienced trainers and experts who conduct training and seminars through informal education in multitude of programs. The team works in a wide and consolidated network of public institutions and organizations, schools and universities.
Partnership Requirements:
Civic Education, Debates, Critical Thinking, Environmental Education, Health Education, Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Intercultural Cooperation, Career Development. Through these programs participants develop additional key competences, skills and knowledge within the meaning of the European Reference Framework that they need to develop as individuals and good citizens.
EDUMAC017-Feb17 Request & Offer Macedonia Education None
This Macedonia nongovernmental organisation is active in the field of inter-ethnic relations, lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, rural development and youth.
Partnership Requirements:
Explore all the possibilities for collaboration with like-minded organisations in the Caribbean.
EDUIRE018-Jan 19 Request & Offer Ireland Education None
Online accredited degrees and professional certification courses, we have no borders and operate anywhere in the world.
Partnership Requirements: Explore all the possibilities for collaboration with like-minded organisations anywhere in the world.
EDUBARB019-Feb 19 Request & Offer Barbados Education USA, UK, China, Germany, Canada
We promote your product or service also train your staff in sales.
Partnership Requirements: Currently seeking to hire sales staff from USA, China, UK, Canada.
Energy & Telecommunications                                                                          Move to top of page
ETIT001-June14 Offer Italy Energy & Telecommunications None
An Energy Service Company which has its core business in the implementation of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. It is also an EPC Contractor that can design the project, procure the necessary materials and build the plant. The company works for public administrations assisting them with implementation of new renewable systems. Its expertise counts Energy Management, Energy Customized Solutions and Electrical Energy from renewable resources such as Photovoltaic, Aeolic, Biomass and Geothermic energy. They are also engaged in training, either traditional and/or long distance training; learning courses, with the aim of promoting the environmental and energy culture.
Partnership Requirements: Companies, associations, NGOs and other entities in need of technical support and consultancy for Energy Management, Energy Customized Solutions and Electrical Energy from renewable resources. Open to discuss opportunities for collaboration on projects about renewable sources and energy efficiency.
ETBB002-Sept14 Request & Offer Barbados Energy & Telecommunications None
We are a relatively new company located in Barbados in the West Indies. Our Government has made the decision to significantly diversify and manage its energy mix. This has created great opportunities in the areas of energy production and energy efficiency management. The green energy market is a new emerging market in Barbados.
Partnership Requirements: We wish to engage discussions with your company on the following: (1). Establishing a formal partnership; (2). Availability of training for our team, assistance in bidding on projects, consultancy, and project lead on very large projects; 3. Assist in sourcing quality products including solar panel, wind turbines, small
bio digesters, LED lighting, energy monitoring devices, etc.
ETBB003-Sept14 Request & Offer Barbados Energy & Telecommunications None
We are a holding company involved in Green Energy, Agriculture, Finance, etc.
Partnership Requirements: Joint ventures and/or reciprocal trading relationships. We are willing to provide out sourcing services in the areas of: book keeping, input of data, debt collection, consultancy.
Financial Services                                                                                            Move to top of page
FSUK001-Aug14 Request & Offer UK Financial Services Caribbean-wide
Debt recovery, pre-legal debt collection, debt collection through the courts, outsourced credit control/management. Credit references, consultancy, bookkeeping sales & purchase ledger maintenance.
Partnership Requirements:
Joint ventures and/or reciprocal trading relationships.
FSBB002-Sept14 Request & Offer Barbados Financial Services None
We are a holding company involved in Green Energy, Agriculture, Finance, etc.
Partnership Requirements:
We are willing to provide out sourcing services in the areas of: book keeping, input of data, debt collection, consultancy and are looking for joint ventures and/or reciprocal trading relationships.
FSBB003-Nov14 Request & Offer Barbados Financial Services None
We provide financial and investment planning, investment consultancy, risk management and pension investment consulting to companies, not-for-profit organisations, trustees of pension plans, social security institutions and governments.
Partnership Requirements:
Ability to partner with a firm to expand the range of services offered, locally regionally and ultimately internationally.
FSSL004-Oct16 Request & Offer St Lucia Financial Services Caribbean-wide
A registered consultancy engaged in the provision of services in the areas of International Trade Policy, Gaming, Manufacturing, Real Estate , Tourism - amongst the portfolios of engagement. The consultancy has a proven record of creditability and integrity in dealing with both the public and the private sectors. They have extensive experience in working with start-ups and ongoing companies and particularly companies in distress,
Partnership Requirements:
To partner, and/or enter into a joint venture, with a firm to expand the range of services offered, locally regionally.
Health and Social Work                                                                                     Move to top of page
HSWUK001-Feb14 Request UK Health and Social Work  Caribbean-wide
A not-for-profit organisation is looking to work with public administrations in the Caribbean to develop, and market throughout the Caribbean, a non-violent dispute resolution/mediation solution in respect of issues of racism and xenophobia.
Partnership Requirements: We are looking for suitable Partners throughout the Caribbean to jointly deliver mediation programmes.
HSWSPAIN002-Feb14 Request & Offer Spain Health and Social Work  None
We are an engineering and consultancy company, focus on the promotion of new business opportunities, mainly in the field of social enterprises.
Partnership Requirements: Partners in the Caribbean area or in the Balkan area for exploring new business opportunities in the fields of Health, Education and/or Tourism.
HSWGR003-Sept14 Request & Offer Greece Health and Social Work  None
We are a non-profit organisation of mental health and social support field. Our main objective is to promote the overall well being of citizens, in order to make them feel healthy and take satisfaction in every day life activities. We plan and implement health and social support services, train professionals in the relevant fields, offer psychosocial services in the community. We enhance volunteering actions and social entrepreneurship. We have been awarded for promoting mental health within the workplace environment.
Partnership Requirements: Public authorities and NGOs for planning joined actions and implement innovative and effective social services, especially in the field of rehabilitation and psychosocial support, educational-training organisations for development and implementation of professional skills of carers and caregivers, private organisations for implementing actions to prevent burnout syndrome and increase productivity and employee satisfaction and CSR activities.
HSWSUR004-Jan15 Request & Offer Suriname Health and Social Work  None
We are management and organizational consultants, specialized in health. Health financing, insurance, hospital management, primary care and prevention, strategic planning and forensic evaluations.
Partnership Requirements: We would like to partner with a consulting firm in Europe to provide our services together. We frequently team up with health economists and accountants.
IT & Computing                                                                                                Move to top of page
ITCIT001-June14 Offer Italy IT & Computing Caribbean wide
Provider of technologies for long-distance training and a leader in e-learning sector, having its own elearning platform and has a solid expertise on open source platform Dokeos. Its core business is based on VET and development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management. The company is fully engaged also with social networks, blogs and e-learning that supports learning initiatives of wide range groups. It is conducting training and elearning courses in entrepreneurship, for unemployed and disadvantaged groups, professional skills courses.
Partnership Requirements: Companies, associations, NGOs and other entities in need of technical support and/or ICT solutions for educational and training projects. Open to discuss opportunities for collaboration in the ICT sector.
ITCSWIT002-Aug14 Offer Switzerland IT & Computing Caribbean wide
Our mission is to provide customer driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of research and development and innovation projects. We aim to create a local , regional and international concentration of industrial, commercial, investment, applied research, and educational activities connected to the ICT, healthcare , green energy, learning, manufacturing etc. sectors. We provide networking, technical advisory, project facilitation, and informational services to local private and public sector organizations, research and educational institutions, community groups, and individuals.
Partnership Requirements: Join with appropriate organisations to jointly develop training courses on the EU's largest research and innovation program: general introduction and how to write successful research and innovation projects.
ITCUK003-Sept14 Request & Offer UK IT & Computing None
We are a new enterprise and a UK Centre of Excellence for the transformation of Digital TV Archives & development of Media software tools. The Centre has been created as a joint venture company with a major top 10 UK University. We would welcome the opportunity to work together on digital media projects.
Partnership Requirements: General partnership distribution, joint ventures. We are also looking for products which could be distributed in the UK & European markets.
ITCGR004-Sept14 Request & Offer Greece IT & Computing Caribbean wide
We are one of the first European companies to introduce value-added downstream space services to citizens, by delivering products and services designed upon the users’ needs and requirements. Since 2003, the company continuous to provide high quality and commitment at its services and user management, by maintaining a strong and active profile on regional and international RTD.
Partnership Requirements: We want to promote space applications for disaster management and security and are looking for local agents.
ITCIT005-Sept14 Request & Offer Italy IT & Computing Caribbean wide
Our purpose is research, development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value. Particularly we use our services and digital products as an enabler for new processes and business models (intelligence and geo-referentiated marketing) both in the European projects field and in other business fields.
Partnership Requirements: We are looking for other innovative start up and research institutes for collaboration.
ITCUK006-Nov15 Offer UK IT & Computing Caribbean wide
We are a UK hardware and software provider working in partnership with a wide range of manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, Acer .... As authorised resellers for these major manufacturers it enables us to offer excellent product support and generous discounts via special bids to our customers. We are unique because we have access to an online trade only portal which results in us being able to source up to 8 million parts at the click of a button. This vast range ensures we can deliver new, current & also obsolete products at competitive prices. Our team at Shape Systems not only have extensive knowledge of part numbers, but we also have over 20 years product experience.
Partnership Requirements: We are looking for relevant supply opportunities in the Caribbean.
ITCTR007-Oct16 Offer/Request TURKEY IT & Computing Caribbean wide

We are an organisation that manages large scale organizational change programmes across multiple sites, can prepare IPA Application Forms, Needs Assessment Reports, can offer technical solutions, undertake feasibility studies , PIP, PAD, TOR, contract and full bidding documents (tender dossier). Preperation of bidding documents (tender dossier) for domestic and international bidding, Preperation of Cost benefit analysis, market research Design of capacity-building interventions and stakeholder participation Software requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation, operation and maintenance , Monitoring & Evaluation of the Projects, Following up the designated projects, logistics follow-up tracking of “supplier capacity and performance” and “systematic review of commercial offers”

Partnership Requirements: We are looking for relevant partnership opportunities in the Caribbean.
Manufacturing                                                                                                   Move to top of page
MANJAM001-June14 Request Jamaica Manufacturing None
The core function of the business is food processing the manufacturing and local distribution of sauces. The company mission is to create quality food products using authentic Jamaican ingredients sourced from local farmers and other local food suppliers.
Partnership Requirements: The Company is looking to create a strong aggressive marketing and distribution network in the markets and collaboration with food producers and processors.
MANBB002-June14 Offer Barbados Manufacturing None
We mainly provide hand blown glass/crystal figurines, sculptures and glass jewellery pieces. We create products that are unique to each individual taste much like the artists themselves, We are able to translate the beauty and share uniqueness of Barbados by creating a distinctive look that stands out.
Partnership Requirements: We are looking for distributors in Europe.
MANUK003-Aug14 Request & Offer UK Manufacturing None
The company was originally conceived as a mentoring and innovation training company. After a short while we found we were not only mentoring, and training in innovation but also providing some of the skills which were not always easy to find in start-ups, and even in existing businesses who wanted to grow, so we added our own design capabilities and a prototyping facility so as to be able to provide a full concept to capability service.
Partnership Requirements: We operate with a network of specialist collaborators and support services throughout Europe and the world, reaching out for the best solutions. We are looking for collaborators in the Caribbean.
MANUK004-Sept14 Request & Offer UK Manufacturing Caribbean wide
We support companies in developing NPD or brand portfolio renovations that better capture evolving consumer desires and/or deal effectively with regulatory issues. We also advise in the design and effective deployment of "Go Global" strategies for Chinese and Caribbean food & drink brands.
Partnership Requirements: A Caribbean based consultancy company that is willing to work in partnership with us to help Caribbean businesses succeed in their FMCG launches and international rollouts.
Public Administration & Defence                                                                      Move to top of page
PADJAM001-Jan15 Request & Offer Jamaica Public Administration & Defence None
We have over 2 decades' experience in strategic management, enterprise and entrepreneurship development and evaluation of enterprises, projects, departments and programmes in the micro, small and medium sized entities sector. We have experience of entrepreneurship Training, CEFE, Cultural sites development and management, Caribbean FDI Investment Startup, SME Start-up, Strategic Plan development and implementation, SME Turnaround and Evaluation.
Partnership Requirements: We have a wide network, with funding experience, and an interest in export of services.
Real Estate, Renting & Business                                                                      Move to top of page
REEBTRIN001-Mar15 Request & Offer Trinidad Public Administration & Defence None
We provide business development, marketing & communications services to help international and regional firms grow their business in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Partnership Requirements: International and regional consultants interested in partnering on bids and tenders. As well as international firms which can assist regional companies to export to new global markets.
Retail & Wholesale                                                                                            Move to top of page
RWUK001-Sept14 Request & Offer UK Retail & Wholesale Barbados + Caribbean wide
We produce handmade Natural Organic Skincare Remedies specialising in sensitive & problematic skin. We are a private owned business based in the UK who presently wishes to collaborate with hotels and restaurants to supply them with both UK and locally manufactured products for use as their toiletry in hotel rooms, restrooms, also in the washrooms of restaurants. Establish a business entity for those wishing to set up in business also, therefore offering advice to schools, colleges and at business events.
Partnership Requirements: Looking for other business collaborators to develop and grow. We also wish to collaborate with local farmers to use/manufacture their raw ingredients into our skincare products to be sold to customers locally and globally.
Social Care & Personal Services                                                                     Move to top of page
SCPSEST001-Aug14 Request & Offer Estonia Social Care & Personal Services Caribbean wide
An NGO that represents and assists the disabled community of the region. Since then on, all our activities have been focused on that. Our membership counts 700 disabled adults, including 56 children. There are various disabilities represented in our group. We do a lot in the area of training and education. In our work we put an accent upon cultural and sport life of the disabled. Our organization is active in various kinds of sports such as, swimming, wheel chair racing, arm wrestling etc.
Partnership Requirements: Joint collaboration with disability organisations in the Caribbean.