St Lucia

Dr Paul Quantock, the Chairman of The Foundation for Entrepreneurial Partnership, visited St Lucia to meet with interested support organisations to start discussions as to how the Foundation can assist entrepreneurs in St Lucia.

Meetings were held with the Secretariat of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the Small Enterprise Development Unit at the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of St Lucia.

Initial identified Strategy Action Areas:

  • Euro-Caribbean Enterprise Partnership Service (ECEPS) - FREE to register for Enterprises in the Caribbean and Europe

  • International Workshops/Events – specifically with the European Union

  • Development of targeted International Training – specifically with European Union training institutions

  • General support to Enterprises to develop International Trade with the European Union

  • Support to assist in International Enterprise fundraising from the European Union

Brian Louisy, Executive Director,
St Lucia Chamber of Commerce
Dr PA Quantock, Chairman, TFEP
Virginia Paul, Director Economic Affairs, OECS
Dr PA Quantock, Chairman, TFEP


St Lucia Flag