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Medterranean Lab

The Foundation is working closely with Mediterranean Lab to promote the collaboration between European and Caribbean tourism related companies to support their competitiveness, help them innovate and grow.

Example 1: A Caribbean based hotel needs products made in Italy such as furnishings (Intern and exterior design) we could search for best supplier ...
Example 2: A Caribbean hotel needs extra training on hospitality and/or on Quality, Health and Safety enabling processes... we could offer this type of service and more such strategic plan or revenue management ...

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Enterprise Database Code Request/Offer Country of Origin Sector Country Preference
TOUALB001-July14 Request & Offer Albania Tourism Caribbean wide
An NGO promoting development tourism in the mountain area, located in the Albania Alps, by the Cursed Mountains. The configuration of the park, the hydrology forests, flowers, characteristic dwellings and the hospitality of its people make Valbona Valley an ideal place to visit and for development tourism.
Partnership Requirements: Joint collaboration with tourism promotion agencies in the Caribbean.
TOUBUL002-Aug14 Request & Offer Bulgaria Tourism Caribbean wide
Non-for-profit organization, active in project management in a a variety of fields - adults/youth/SMEs non-formal education, tourism, social enterprises, green / blue economy, renovation of residential areas and sustainable equipped productive areas.
Partnership Requirements: We would like to cooperate with partners from Euro-Caribbean area for elaboration and submission of common projects.
TOUDOM003-Jan15 Request & Offer Dominica Tourism None
We are a small family owned and operated community/specialty tourism project in the South Western fishing/farming village of Soufriere in Dominica committed to environmental preservation. Its service/product offer includes campground accommodation, on-site botanic garden, restaurant and bar serving drinks and menus based on naturally organic produce from the on-site garden, a souvenir shop carrying only authentic local crafts, mud-baths in sulphuric mountain ranges, home visits with villagers, local cooking classes and other nature experience tours. We are committed to community development as demonstrated by its procurement policy which gives priority to procuring
goods and services from the surrounding villages especially females and young people.

Partnership Requirements: We are interested in building up partnerships to support our efforts at marketing our brand in niche markets globally and collaborating with any young and or female entrepreneur seeking technical support/mentoring in developing a specialty/community tourism project.