Workshops, 19th - 21st September 2018, Barbados

Following the 3 successful, well attended, workshops in June 2017 CARI-TaRG is planning to host a further 3 certificated workshops in 2018.

Dates: 19th - 21st September 2018
Venue: Accra Beach Hotel, Rockley, Christ Church, Barbados
Cost: $225 (US) per Workshop

Workshops on offer will be:

Preventing a Toxic Workplace - Opening address by Mr Craig Fulton , Deputy British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
Trust Leadership/ Mediation in the Workplace - Opening address by Senator Lynette Holder, CEO Small Business Association
Barbados Sexual Harassment Act 2017 - Opening address by The Honourable Colin E. Jordan MP, Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations
Keynote Speaker Ms Ella N. Hoyos, Attorney-at-Law, Mediator & Arbitrator, Rockley Law Group

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Just a small selection of photographs of the 2017 Events, and Certificate Ceremony, and delegate quotes. 'How to listen to assist in defusing situations' ; 'All aspects of the workshop were very helpful' ; 'The scenarios and the style of presentation was energetic and engaging' ; 'The interactive exercises and opportunity to talk to presenters out of session'


Preventing a Toxic Workplace
A Restorative Practice and Interactive Relationship Certificated Full Day Workshop. Includes opening address by Mr Craig Fulton, Deputy British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

In today’s economy, organizations are faced with the challenge of continuously improving efficiency to remain competitive. This means strict oversight and tight controls on those elements that affect an organization’s cost structure. Historically, the focus has been on tangible costs that are easily identifiable and can be accurately measured.

Now, in order to continue down the path of efficiency, many businesses are focusing on costs that do not appear on the financial statements and that may not be easily measured with additional systems. In a more culturally complex and age diverse workplace, managers must appreciate and better understand the filters and differences in communication and listening and develop the emotional intelligence required to be an effective leader.

This full day Workshop will improve communication and listening skills. It will enable participants to move from win-lose outcomes to mutual gains (win-win) results in personal interactions. It will also make them successful at maintaining healthy relationships. Issues to consider in being successful at relationship detoxification:

    The difference between dialogue and debate

    Putting aside your personal agenda while another is speaking

    Hearing (understanding)what people mean, not just what they say

    How to get an uncommunicative person to open up and contribute

    What to do with people who get defensive when you try to tell them something

    How to share a difference of opinion without the other person feeling criticized

    Responding to the speaker’s feelings instead of imposing your own

    How to get through to someone who never seems to listen

    Establishing credibility so that people pay attention to what you say

    Focusing on interests rather than positions

    Inventing options for mutual gain; it’s all about getting what you need

Participants will learn and practice interest-based negotiation, moving from divisiveness to synergy, adversarial to collaborative communications, compromise to consensus, threats and solutions to interests and needs, and combativeness to mutual problem solving. You can only change yourself, not anyone else, but that transformation can, and will impact the way others relate to you and improve the relationship you deem vital to your professional and personal well-being.

Joint Certification: Provided by 4Civility (US), Caribbean Training and Research Group (UK) and Urban and Public Affairs, University of Louisville (US)
: Hadford Howell Tel: 1 246 230 7623 OR Wayne Lynch Tel: 1 246 845 6349    
Course Fee: $225 (US)

Trust Leadership/ Mediation in the Workplace
Recognize problems and turn your organization into a harmonious workplace: An Interactive Certificated Full Day Workshop

This interactive workshop educates and trains the workplace in collaborative arts and advocacy skills for recognition and early intervention of conflict resolution. The preservation of workplace relationships, resolution of disputes, advocacy in conciliation and early intervention, and interest based approaches to conflict are attainable through training, education, and coaching.

The emotional energy to suppress conflict takes mental and physical energy away from productive work. The trust leader mediation skills training increase participants’ understanding of the nature of conflict, which can be classified into five conflict modes: Avoiding, Competing, Accommodating, Compromising, and Collaborating. With this understanding, employees gain an awareness of which conflict mode dominates their own behaviour and can begin to understand what triggers their conflicts and how best to address it. We may not be able to change the direction of the wind but we can adjust our sails to get where we must be. 

Many managers feel they should be able to handle every dispute on their own. An effective manager knows when to ask for assistance to determine the best course of action in problem solving. This training outlines the dynamics of conflicts and various tactical alternatives associated with resolving them. It provides the manager with confidence to make informed decisions as well as the permission to use third party intervention resources such as conflict coaching, conciliation services, conflict resolution, and facilitation sessions and brings with it some emotional intelligence training.

Unhealthy relationships within the workplace are a leading cause of employee turnover. Employees have high expectations and expanding legal rights, while today’s increasingly diverse workforce only adds to interpersonal challenges. Our training will give you tools to recognize problems and turn your organization into a harmonious and healthy workplace.

Joint Certification: Provided by 4Civility (US), Caribbean Training and Research Group (UK) and Urban and Public Affairs, University of Louisville (US)
:  Hadford Howell Tel: 1 246 230 7623 OR Wayne Lynch Tel: 1 246 845 6349   Email:
Course Fee: $225 (US)

Barbados Sexual Harassment Act 2017
Sexual Harassment is a Cancer that Destroys Relationship and Workplaces: An Interactive Full Day Certificated Workshop.
Includes Keynote Speaker Ms Ella N. Hoyos, Attorney-at-Law/Mediator/Arbitrator, Rockley Law Group

This interactive workshop helps managers to understand existing and proposed laws and statutes of Barbados. They will learn how to create compliant policies, procedures, and training to ensure affirmative action to prevent and correct sexual harassment in the workplace. Participants will develop an understanding of, not only the letter but the spirit of the law and how they can craft their workplace training to create an environment that is protective, honest, welcoming, caring, and engaging.

In addition to developing policies, procedures, and training participants will learn constructive intervention techniques for dealing with incidents as well as innovative remedies to restore the workplace environment and rebalance power inequities thereby producing a more harmonious, encouraging, and engaged workforce. Just say NO

Participants will learn from best practice examples to ensure that their existing policies, procedures, and training are compliant as well as how to draft new policies, procedures and trainings if needed, to not only be compliant, but to radically improve relationships within the workforce.

Click Here to download a copy of the Act.

Joint Certification: Provided by 4Civility (US), Caribbean Training and Research Group (UK) and Urban and Public Affairs, University of Louisville (US)
:  Hadford Howell Tel: 1 246 230 7623 OR Wayne Lynch Tel: 1 246 845 6349   Email:
Course Fee: $225 (US)


Mr. Belak and Dr. Curtin combined, have over 51 years of mediation experience as practicing mediators and as teaching and training professionals. They have educated and trained more than 4,000 mediators around the globe.  Mr. Belak developed mediation training for the U.S Government and continues to provide mediation services to the U.S. Postal Services.

They teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in mediation at the University of Louisville and in 2002 Mr. Belak and Dr. Curtin created the first blended, online and face-to-face mediation program for a major law firm that needed flexibility in its training. 

The U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) adopted the training they developed to train federal mediators.  FMCS reports directly to the U.S. President and works to resolve major labor disputes.

Tony Belak  Tony Belak John-Robert Curtin  Dr John-Robert Curtin