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Entrepreneurs Support Network

If you are an entrepreneur, or budding entrepreneur, and are looking for specific or general support The Foundation has created an informal "Entrepreneurs Support Network" that comprises training institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Enterprise Agencies and Local/Regional Authorities that are willing to provide support.

Please feel free to review the details of each Network Member and contact them to discuss how they could support you.

 If your organisation wishes to join the TFEP "Support Network" please register here.

PLEASE NOTE: Organisations offering specific commercial support e.g. lawyers, accountants, Consultancy firms are NOT eligible to join the Network. 

Entrepreneurs Support Network

Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA)


Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, registered to operate in public benefit. It is located on the territory of Varna District in Bulgaria, East Europe.The agency was established in 1997 under the joint program Local Government Initiative of Varna Municipality and the USAID to assist the advancement of regional economic development. We can offer (1) Project management and cooperation for joint work on proposals, to be submitted for funding under EU program and (2) Non-formal education and training on topics related to building of entrepreneurial skills and capacity.

National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria

We have more than 360 regular and associated members and more than 1,600 active supporters and volunteers. The organization works with key Bulgarian and international experts in public administration, security, law, communication, entrepreneurship and anti-corruption. We organize training and seminars on entrepreneurship. We provide consultations and expert support in the fields of law, accounting, marketing and business planning.

Czech Republic    

Our aims are: (1) offer support concerning education, cultural, environmental, employment and social activities, sport and professional activities; and (2) support in the area of the improvement of the cultural climate, organization of exhibitions and cultural events and assistance in the realization of such works of art or projects. We can organize congresses, workshops and seminars, provide non-formal, formal and informal teaching and education.    

LC Innoconsult International    


Our objective it to accompany customers from the innovation idea all the way to selling the intellectual product by providing complex innovation services. We believe that by means of our services it is our task to promote the commercialisation of intellectual products, to create a business value out of innovative solutions, to assist the cooperation of research places and enterprises and to develop higher education by providing professional support to innovation activities. Our international relationship system has grown global in recent years, due to which we now work together with clients and strategic partners active in practically all significant economic zones in the world. Currently the company works together with 19 strategic partners and also has over 100 professional contacts to turn to with any partner seeking assignments. We can offer (1) training on innovation management, technology transfer (2) partner search in EU or China (3) technology transfer services.

Arte-Via Cooperativa Artística e Editorial    


We are a regional, cultural non profit association, whose members work as volunteers that has a senior university promoting classes for elder people and migrants in painting, yoga, English and embroidery. The cooperative organises events such as readers communities, international seminars, writing contests, art exhibitions and multimedia performances. We can offer support to develop training activities.    

Madan Parque    

Madan Parque is a science and technology park whose mission is to play an interface role between academia and businesses, by means of promoting the creation and growth of NTBFs and knowledge intensive projects within the region. Services are structured into 5 business areas, (1) INCUBATION – Basic services; (2) COACHING – Market-Oriented Training & Events; (3) SEED CAPITAL - Network of Investors, funds leverage & support to tenants; (4) INTERNATIONAL - Support services to Internationalization and Cooperative Projects and (5) LABs – Bridging Innovation with FCT-UNL. We can liaise with our current tenant companies, aiming at the establishment of commercial agreements and/or JVs with the possibility to search for suitable cooperation programmes (EU-funded and/or other sources).


We are community of people (+1,000) that believe our destiny depends on our actions. We support entrepreneurship by making it highly visible. We organise web missions to encourage international networking, workshops to improve all kinds of skills to promote entrepreneurship and ensure the minimisation of risk of failure.

Magenta Consultoría Projects    

We can offer Caribbean entrepreneurs the possibility of generating more contacts around Europe as Magenta belongs to different networks at European and international level. We can also offer the possibility of developing training programmes and fostering, and implementing, exchanges between Caribbean and European countries.

ACONI-International Association of Consultant Companies and Advanced Services    

We are a training and capacity building partnership that has experience and partners in the most spanish language countries in the Caribbean. We collaborate in developing countries, from a perspective of solidarity and cooperation. We contribute to improving Management, Innovation and Internationalisation of Enterprises, promoting growth and economic development. We cooperate with different social organizations in different countries in order to achieve democratic consolidation, sustainable growth and raising the standard and quality of life in a framework of stability and social peace.    

Infinite Solution  

IS is a social innovation company based in Girona,Spain that is happy to assist local organisations and help in probem solving. Get in touch to discuss your issue.



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