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Film Making Skills Program

Film Projector

Film making jobs are positions that allow you to work with some aspect of the movie or television industry. These careers can involve anything from producing the movie to creating the marketing materials. There are many careers you can find in the film making industry, whether you're behind the camera, in front of it or in the editing room.


This program is designed for those who may be seeking employment/self-employment in the film making industry and takes the form of a 3 stage process …



This self-assessment tests your individual competences to determine any “skill level deficits”, and ultimately what further training, support and skills development you may require.


Self-assessment is an important element in the development of film making education as it will determine existing skill and knowledge levels. This is a unique self-diagnostic tool that allows the evaluation of individual competencies and compares competencies and knowledge against those in a region and the world. Having a comparator is useful to know as it measures experience/knowledge compared to others looking to enter the film making industry.


After completing the assessment, the next STAGE is to take the training program to enhance your knowledge of the various aspects of the film making industry.





The aim of this online course is to encourage individuals to enter the film making industry. It is an introductory course that gives the opportunity to learn the basics of story ideas, research, visual storytelling, scriptwriting, producing, directing, filming and editing.


The course modules offer a good overview and help in the decision-making process to decide where an individual’s interests lie and which part of the industry can make best use of an individual’s skills and talents. This course provides ideas about specific job opportunities available in the film making industry.






If, after taking STAGES ONE and TWO, you feel you may wish to go self employed and start your own business we have created a self-assessment that has been designed for budding and existing entrepreneurs to test their competences to determine their “entrepreneurial skill level deficit”, and as a consequence, what further training they require.


This self-assessment is an important element in the development of entrepreneurial education as it will determine the existing skill level of budding and existing entrepreneurs – which will assist policy makers and training institutions develop appropriate courses to meet the “competency deficits” identified by individuals.


The tool is in English and is made up of 12 Sections, 52 Sub-Sections with 104 questions on which your entrepreneurial skill levels are assessed. Sections include Cultural Awareness; Finance Management; General Management Skills; Human Resources; Creativity; IT Skills; Legal Expertise; Logistics; Manufacturing Management; Marketing; Overseas/International Experience; and People Skills.


For further information please email us at

STAGE ONE - Assessing Individual Skills (10 questions)
STAGE TWO - Online Training Course (6 Modules)
STAGE THREE - Assessing your Entrepreneurial Skills (104 Questions)
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