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SMEs & eLearning

e-learning Best Practice Guide

This e-learning Best Practice Guide (63 pages) provides an overview of what is currently considered to be a measured and creative approach to e-learning.

Written in the context of advances in technology it presents the argument that SMEs should engage with e-learning in ways that reflect their current and future perceived needs and objectives.

Contextually, it explores the practical and progressive potential of e-learning to provide opportunities for SMEs and their employees to use technology to underpin their training schedules and to make informed decisions concerning the way in which technology can enhance and support economic growth.

Drawn from many sources, this Best Practice Guide presents the idea that decisions concerning e-learning should show a considered understanding of what it possible within the current e-learning marketplace. Written against a background of informed histories of the recent development of e-learning, this guide reflects current thinking in terms of what is accepted best practice in the field of e-learning.

Using e-learning as a means to enhance employee and company potential this guide creates opportunities to consider a number of pertinent questions including why engage in e-learning, who is it for and what is its perceived outcome?


Suggesting an analytical approach to deciding whether e-learning is an appropriate means of delivering training this guide presents a variety of appropriate strategies including opportunities to consider the value of completing a range of needs analysis including the use of SWOT, LNA (A Learner Needs Analysis) and ROI (Return on Investment) profiling.

Recognising the importance of the relationship between SMEs and eDesigners, it promotes awareness of the importance of ensuring that both SMEs and eDesigners are fully conversant of each other’s’ potential to make a successful contribution to the development and use of e-learning.

Understanding the future implications of e-learning and its relationship with a rapid growth in mobile technology, this guide promotes a greater awareness of how e-learning is likely to change as smart technologies increasingly become the preferred means of accessing information.

SMEs & eLearning - Best Practice Guide
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