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Leadership & Trust

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In today’s economy, SMEs are faced with the challenge of continuously improving efficiency to remain competitive. This means strict oversight and tight controls on those elements that effect their cost structure. Historically, the focus has been on tangible costs that are easily identifiable and can be accurately measured. Now, to continue down the path of efficiency, many SMEs are focusing on costs that do not appear on the financial statements and that may not be easily measured with traditional systems. In a more culturally complex and age diverse workplace, managers must appreciate and better understand the filters and differences in communication and listening and develop the emotional intelligence required to be an effective leader.

According to the Edelman "Trust Barometer" (published in 2018) (a survey of 33,000 people in 28 countries), one in three people don’t trust their employer. They also discovered that trust decreases from top positions to the lowest. For instance, 64% of executives trust their organizations, while only 51% of managers and 48% of other staff stated they trust their organizations. Employees remarked that they trust their peers more than the boss and upper-level executives of their company. That means the higher up you go, the more critical it is to build trust with those beneath you.


 Building trust starts with leaders…..


Our services for SMEs Managers will educate and train them in advocacy skills for recognition and early intervention of conflict resolution within their organisation. The preservation of workplace relationships, resolution of disputes, advocacy in conciliation and early intervention, and interest based approaches to conflict are attainable through training, education, and coaching.


Unhealthy relationships within the workplace are a leading cause of employee turnover. Employees have high expectations and expanding legal rights, while today’s increasingly diverse workforce only adds to interpersonal challenges. Our training will give SMEs the tools to recognize problems and turn organizations into a harmonious workplaces.

  • Connect with members on our site. Leave comments, follow people and more. 

  • Use the self assessment tool to analyse your competencies as a Trust Leader

  • We have developed a training programme that instils the Manager with the confidence to make informed decisions as well as the permission to use third party intervention resources such as conflict coaching, conciliation services, conflict resolution, and facilitation sessions and brings with it some emotional intelligence training.

  • As a compliment to the training programme the Partners developed a comprehensive HANDBOOK that will provide a ‘blueprint’ for the introduction of a conflict free workplace by explaining ways to build trust at work.

  • News, articles, reports and general  items of interest relating to leadership. 

  • To provide added extra support for you we are creating a MENTORS DATABASE that aims to bring on board volunteers to help guide the less experienced on their leadership journey.

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