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An international aquaculture consultancy, R&D entity and technology provider company that undertakes various marine, aquatic and environmental projects and is located in Mediterranean is looking for Japanese partners to cooperate in research projects related to marine and aquatic environment within the framework of EU – Caribbean research funding schemes, We are interested to perform further research.
Partnership Requirements: Research & commercial collaboration.




Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (1) 



Education (19) 

Romania, Italy, UK, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, Ireland, Barbados

Energy & Telecommunications (3)   

Italy, Barbados

Financial Services (4)

UK, Barbados, St Lucia      

Fishing & Forestry

Health and Social Work (4)

UK, Spain, Greece, Suriname

IT & Computing (7)

Italy, Switzerland, UK, Greece, Italy, Turkey

Leisure & Personal Services

Manufacturing (4)

Jamaica, Barbados, UK

Mining & Quarrying

Public Administration & Defence (1)


Real Estate, Renting & Business (1)


Retail & Wholesale (1)


Social Care & Personal Services (1)


Tourism (including hotels)

Transport & Storage

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