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Partnership Services

Enterprise Partnership Service (EPS)

In today’s global economic climate it is vital for enterprises – in particular micro and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) - to expand their horizons and develop relationships with enterprises in other countries to facilitate and expand their export potential.

This Enterprise Partnership Service (EPS) is a place where enterprises can register their request/offer for partnership at NO COST with the intention of securing a partnership with a suitable organisation in order for them to develop a productive relationship.

The more enterprises that register for inclusion in our “Enterprise Database” the more useful it will become.

Any enterprise from any country can register their organisation if they are seeking an international business relationship.

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How does it work?

Stage 1
Complete the secure "Register your organisation" Form.    

Stage 2

Once your registration is accepted we will email you a unique "Enterprise Database Code" which you need to use in all communication with us.


We will add an anonymised synopsis of your partnership offer/request to our database and add the details to this document deleting all personal details. Your details will be kept confidential at this stage. The posting will be kept on the site unless you ask for it to be withdrawn.

Stage 3

It is up to you to check the website regularly and download the latest ‘Offer and Request’ document. Once you have found a potential match contact us and we will pass your details to the enterprise you want to match with. If the company is interested in your offer we will pass their details to you. It is then up to both enterprises to move forward with a partnership.

NOTE: We will only forward details to enterprises who are registered on our database.

Stage 4
If you need any support to build your partnership you will see a number of enterprise support organisations on our "Support Organisations" page that are ready and willing to assist you. 

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